SECTOR.SK Interview with CEO Stefan Pavelka

SpaceJunkie from one of the most popular Slovak gamesites SECTOR.SK has just released the interview with Stefan Pavelka and some info about Special Edition of Gods: Lands of Infinity - if you are interested to see actual pictures from cypron’s office, don’t miss it. All texts are in Slovak language.


New English Gods Review at HookedGamers

We were just recently tipped off about the latest English Review of Gods: Lands of Infinity - James of HookedGamers awarded our game with a very nice 8 of 10 overall rating...

"The rich and colorful graphics really bring the game alive. While your adversaries could have used a little more animation, the rest of the game world looks quite nice. Trees, bushes, and grass were some of the best I have seen, for a big part because of the interaction between objects in the game and the sounds that come through your speakers. For instance, when you are walking you can hear the swishing of the grass. Or it does at least until it gets replaced by the sounds of combat!"

Thank you, James!! 

Overall Rating: 8/10

New Gods Review at CRPG.RU

We were just recently tipped off about this newsbit - distinguished Misha Ironfist and Александр Куляев have had their Russian Gods Review released for some little time - complimenting our game with a nice overall rating.

Overall Rating: 7.1/10

A First For Cypron Studios - Gods: LoI "Wrap Report"

RPG Vault’s very distinguished "Jonric" has just released this rather outstanding Wrap Report for Gods: Lands of Infinity. For those of you who may wonder, this "wrap report" is not a gaming review, but rather a slightly nostalgic view of some of the elements that went into the making of our game...

"I want to say that making your own fantasy game is something really amazing! Creating new worlds, shaping continents, kingdoms, cities with original architecture, races, monsters and heroes - you feel like a god creating the world. It’s great if you can put your own ideas, inventions; your own fantasy into the game, and not be dependent on the demands "from outside". If you are free and have the courage to forge something new, you have a pretty good chance to make a game that has its own soul. And this is the key that makes your game different from the numerous others, which often seem like clones one of another. "

Thank you, Jonric!! 

New English Gods Review at The Armchair Empire

 John Tait of  The Armchair Empire has just recently released his own  English Review of Gods: Lands of Infinity. John has a lot of nice things to say about Gods, although his review’s overall rating is not quite consistent with his own words (IMHO)...

"The voice acting, while bland, isn’t terrible and definitely no worse than much of the non-Patrick Stewart acting in Oblivion. Now and then a few giggleworthy lines betray the translated nature of the text, (ie. “I am a man, lord of procreation,”) but there is a reasonable variety in voices and even some attempts at intentional comic relief.  The music, by Pavel Krychtalek, is superior, evocative and a little haunting, reminding me of a slightly Slavic version of the theme from Morrowind. 

In all, Gods: Lands of Infinity won’t set yours or any other world on fire, but it is a fun diversion and maybe an enjoyable change of pace, and I do look forward to Cypron’s future releases."

Thank you, John!! 

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

New English Gods Review at SoftPedia

SoftPedia’s Tudor Stefanescu has released this rather mediocre  English Review of Gods: Lands of Infinity...

"Gods: Lands Of Infinity will greatly appeal to the RPG genre’s nostalgics. Thus my heart was filled with joy when first seeing the game, yet I can’t overlook the parts that are lacking. It definitely is the kind of game no-one ever makes these days, embedded in the standards of old, with both good features and embarrassing clichés. Cypron Studios prepared a mysterious journey for the curious newcomer and a vintage experience for the hardcore player. So here you have it, Gods: Lands of Infinity, the kind of game that you either hate or enjoy at first glance."

Overall Rating: 7/10

New English Gods Review at Just Press Play

Just Press Play’s Jasmine Greene has just posted up her  English Review of Gods: Lands of Infinity - a review in which our game is highly complimented...

"When receiving this item, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of a Slovakian RPG, much less a downloadable RPG. But to my surprise, it was a quite enjoyable game with a compelling storyline and wonderful background music to boot. Realize that this is not a MMORPG, but a regular RPG. Many people tend to have the idea that because it’s downloaded from the internet it must be a MMORPG, but it’s like any other RPG you play out there. You start with a set character and level up, gaining and losing party members along the way."

Thank you indeed, Jasmine!! 

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

New English Gods Review at GrrlGamer

GrrlGamer’s "Didi" has just posted up the very latest  English Review of Gods: Lands of Infinity - although her review has no  actual "overall"  or "definitive" rating, it becomes very obvious that she enjoyed playing our game...

"Other than that, Gods comes across as a great first-person RPG that will keep you entertained for a good number of hours (about 20-30). You will meet other great adventurers on your journey, as well as a parade of fantastic creatures including gorons, giant spiders (it wouldn’t be an RPG without them), trolls, bandits and even unicorns.

Gods: Lands of Infinity surprises you with unexpected plot twists until you see the end of Vivien’s adventure. It does a great job of keeping you on your toes with unexpected situations and different party members coming and going. Although it needs a few edges polished, this is a game I would strongly recommend to any RPG enthusiast."

Thank you, Didi!! 

New Gods Review at Within Games

We were just recently tipped off about this newsbit - Within Games’  distinguished Peter  "mithrandir" Taucher has had his German Gods Review released for some little time - complimenting our game with a very nice overall rating...

"Titel, die ich getrost als klassisches Computer-Rollenspiel bezeichnen würde, sind in den letzten Jahren sehr rar geworden. Mit Wehmut erinnert man sich noch an die wenigen neueren Spiele wie Wizardy 8 oder Arx Fatalis zurück, die dieses Spielgefühl vermitteln konnten. Gods: Lands of Infinity schafft das fast genauso gut. Zwar wirkt das Spiel insgesamt noch etwas unfertig (zum Beispiel das Alchemie-System, das nur spärlich ins Spiel integriert wirkt oder die großen freien Flächen auf der Landkarte), aber für ein kleinen Preis von ca. 20 Euro erhält man eine gut strukturierte und abwechslungsreiche Fantasy-Welt mit zahlreichen Schurken und Monstern, mit taktischen Gefechten und einigen Möglichkeiten bei der Charakterentwicklung. Die Spielzeit dürfte sich auf um die 20 bis 25 Stunden belaufen, also für ein RPG nicht unbedingt grandios. Trotzdem bekommt man für sein Geld recht viel geboten. Als Vollpreisspiel hätte ich keine vier Punkte vergeben, in diesem Fall geht es aber schon ums Prinzip. Deshalb gibt es auch einen Award meinerseits. Bitte Cypron, beeilt euch mit dem Add-On!"

Danke, Herr Taucher!!!

Overall Rating: 4/5

 New Gods Review at Gamezone

Gamezone’s indefatigable Michael Lafferty has just released the latest English Review for Gods: Lands of Infinity - awarding our game with a very nice 8.1 out of 10 overall rating...

"GODS: Lands of Infinity is a treat, a rare little gem that surpasses any preconceived notions about the game. It succeeds on several levels and is very entertaining. With a strong storyline, some nice twists in the plot, a grind that feels more like adventure, this is definitely a title worth checking out."

Thank you, Michael!!

Overall Rating: 8.1 / 10

 Our 2nd English Review

RPGDot has just posted up the second English Review, courtesy of "Corwin" - and while (apparently) their reviewers no longer give an overall rating to their reviews, their readers have rated "Gods" with an 8.25 out of 10 overall rating...

"If you’ve played the demo, you will have a sense of how the console-inspired TB combat operates, but it’s not until you have a few companions that the strategic elements really surface. When combat is initiated, your view immediately changes to a combat window where your characters are placed in two rows facing your opponents. You will need to determine not only the placement of each character on either the front or rear row, but also how you wish to develop a character to complement the rest of the party. You can change formations, use your inventory, make an attack, cast a spell, defend yourself, or even run away, but each activity will use up one turn. If you run away, you will lose experience. In addition to this, each action requires a certain number of ’Action Points’. Once these are depleted, you have to rest (defend) for at least one turn to replenish them. They replenish at the rate of 3 per turn and you begin with only 4 AP’s. This is a weakness in an otherwise good system. As the character advances, it should be possible for them to increase either the initial number of AP’s, or the number that are replenished each time they rest. Managing your AP’s effectively is essential to success."

Thank you, Corwin!! 

The First English Preview

The Four Fat Chicks website has published the first English review for Gods: Lands of Infinity, giving it a "thumbs up".

"One of this game’s strongest points is the outstanding music that Pavel Krychtalek brings into the game—it is beautiful, masterfully composed and conducted, and most definitely sets the mood for whatever you are currently doing in game. Game graphics are another surprise in that they are most definitely of a high quality that is rare for a brand-new game developer. Another of this game’s strong points is the incredible storyline—it is not only believable, but stays faithful throughout the game (though the game’s ending just literally screams "sequel"). Plot twists and surprises abound throughout, so, until you’ve played the game through once, you are in a constant state of "what next"?"

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up