Kyla Cole in GODS !

Cypron studios signed an exclusive contract with Kyla Cole to become an official face for Gods game. 

We are going to release a special version of the game called GODS:Lands of Infinity SE with Kyla Cole as a main heroine - Vivien. Are you interested in real heroine in RPG fantasy game? Stay tuned, GODS:LOI SE with Kyla is coming soon!

About Kyla Cole:

Kyla is a Slovak erotic and glamour supermodel born in Presov, Slovakia. She started career in 1999. She was the first Slovakian Pet of the Month in U.S. Penthouse in March 2000, Countless Cover, pictorial girl of many Man’s magazines. Former host of TV show Laskanie in Slovak TV Markiza. Actress in action movie from Philippines ‘Rumble boys’.

Kyla participated on charity work for orphanage in Sarisske Michalany, Slovakia.

What people say about Kyla? 

  • Hugh Hefner - “ Amazing natural beauty”, June 2000
  • FHM - “200 covers in 7 years, number 1 adult entertainer”, February 2006
  • MAXIM - “2006 biggest internet sensation, set to become the biggest cover star you ever known”, June 2006

Kyla is working on her official site, which is under development and will be opened soon.