Song for Vivien

Song for Vivien

Where is your home, Vivien?
The stars may be your guide...
but where does it end?

Where is your soul, Vivien?
Youíre still blinded by the light
when youíre trying to pretend.

Even though itís cold outside,
youíre still fighting monsters inside your heart...
thereís no place where you can hide.


Take me to where you are paving the way...
take me where Iíll find you today.
Anything is more than nothing - or so you say...
Life runs too quickly for a prayer!!


Vivien, do you realize
That now the truth is seen though your eyes?


All the deeds youíve done
live on in memory,
all the love you gave
for those with eyes to see.

All the lives youíve saved
will surely pray for you...
so why are you the only one
whoís feeling blue?

Even if...