Gods LoI:Special Edition


GODS LoI SE has finally been completed. Many players have been curious about the changes between the original version and the special edition. We spent quite a time in attempt to add as many new features as possible. The outcome was a game dressed in a completely new, more attractive fashion boosted with various bonus stuff. We bet you wouldn't tell it's the same game by the look at some of the new screenshots!

  • Starring Kyla Cole as a Lead Heroine
  • Powered by the Latest Build (All Patches Included)
  • Polished Graphics with More Detailed Enviroment
  • Brand New Main Menu and Graphic User Interface
  • Smoother Animation
  • Expanded Alchemy
  • Brand New Game Soundtrack and Gods OST CD
  • Boosted Sound Effects
  • Bonus Weapons and Armours
  • Gods Kyla Cole 2007 Calendar

pic01    pic01


Starring Kyla Cole as a Lead Heroine

Cypron studios signed an exclusive contract with Kyla Cole to become an official face for Gods game. You will meet her in the game art, wallpapers as well as in the in-game graphics.

Who is Kyla Cole?
Kyla is a Slovak erotic and glamour supermodel born in Presov, Slovakia. She started career in 1999. She was the first Slovakian Pet of the Month in U.S. Penthouse in March 2000, Countless Cover, pictorial girl of many Man's magazines. Former host of TV show Laskanie in Slovak TV Markiza. Kyla participated on charity work for orphanage in Sarisske Michalany, Slovakia.     

And how does Kyla Cole look in the Special Edition? See picture below: Kyla Cole as Vivien in the in-game graphic:


Powered by the Latest Build (All Patches Included)

We have spent lot of time by testing, bugs hunting and polishing the gameplay as well as game engine. Gods LoI: SE is now more stable and works smoothly on average PC.

Polished Graphics with More Detailed Enviroment

We have improved in game graphics and included new buildings, completely redesigned trees, added more details like flags, flowers. We also added animals like snakes, rats, butterflies in woods and dogs, chickens, mice in resident areas etc. See pictures below:

pic01    pic01

pic01    pic01

Brand New Main Menu and Graphic User Interface

We have completely redesigned the main menu. It is based on an animated gods sign and amazing pictures of the new face of Vivien which will welcome you from very beginning of the new edition.


Smoother Animation

We redesigned character animations as well as included new animation files for characters.

Expanded Alchemy

Many players of Gods:LoI asked for better alchemy. We have expanded alchemy in general and included more alchemy recipes for all who like to improve the alchemy job in Special Edition.

Brand New Game Soundtrack and Gods OST CD

As gaming community has been fond of the original and delightful soundtrack of GODS:LoI, our musician Pavel Krychtalek composed new music tracks for Special Edition. On the top of it, we have included old tracks on audio CD, so GODS:LoI OST (Original SoundTrack) may  be included in the retail version  of special edition too.

Boosted Sound Effects

Some of the reviewers as well as players considered sound effects of GODS:LoI to be weak facet of the game so we hired Clock Work Production to completely redesign and improve this part of the game. As a result Special Edition sounds far better!

Bonus Weapons and Armours

We have prepared something for all players who played the original version of GODS, and have included new suits of armour, quite a few weapons like daggers, swords, shields and axes…


GODS Kyla Cole 2007 Calendar

We are preparing GODS Kyla Cole 2007 calendar (dressed in prestige suit of armour). Wheter this feature will be included in the retail version or not depends on the individual publishers.